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We recommend you conduct your own due diligence on the firms listed below:

ProFin Partners is a niche and holistic London-based regulated investment manager offering professional investors and family officers custom-made solutions integrating derivatives and fully funded solutions. ProFin Partners designs bespoke solutions delivered directly to private banks.


ProFin Partners was founded in 2009 by Myriam Oualha Deblanc, following the Global Financial Crisis. The company has grown steadily while keeping a strong emphasis on governance standards and ethical investing. Initiatives in the last few years span from ESG focused solutions with ProGreen to promoting in-house strategies via AMC's (actively managed certificates tailor made for single investors). ProFin Partners is constantly adapting to the ever changing markets and needs of our clients. With our 100+ relationships globally with trading desks, private banks, and fund managers we offer seamless service from investment idea generation to execution. 


Our solutions include portfolio restructuring, asset allocation optimisation, liquidity and yield enhancements and hedging.


For further information, please contact Myriam Deblanc, CEO:



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