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Hammer & Associates is a multi-foundation office that works with a select number of family philanthropies.


We form deep, long-term relationships with foundations, family offices, businesses, and the advisors who serve them, helping philanthropic individuals and families pair their passion with proven strategies.


Our clients trust us to oversee and right-size their grantmaking, guide them through important decisions, tend to the “back office” needs, and help train the next generation as family leaders.


Principal Suzanne Hammer is a facilitator, advisor, coach, author, and foundation manager who speaks internationally on family philanthropy.


As a full-service firm, we help individuals and families clarify their values and giving goals, engage members in a meaningful way, and practice philanthropy that is both joyful and impactful.


As well, we work with single- and multi-family office professionals, and legal and wealth managers to integrate values-based philanthropy into the family’s estate and wealth preservation plans.


Contact Suzanne Hammer, President at Hammer & Associates LLC:


USA Telephone: 303-319-3029

Twitter: @SuzHammerGiving



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